User Prompt

What is User prompt?

The user prompt is a message that you can add right before each message sent to your chatbot.

What for?

GPT3.5 had an known issue where the system prompt was not steering enough the chat model. Due to that the chat answer were sometimes not following correctly the instructions from the system prompt. To partially solve this issue, we gave access to the user prompt to our user to add some critical instruction if the system prompt were not enough.

Why are we removing the User prompt from Chatnode?

Since June 13th 2023, GPT3.5 model received an update from OpenAI that solve this issue. Now the the system has a much bigger effect on your chatbot behave. It is a great news. Following up that we are deciding to not give access to the “User Prompt” since there is not likely no good reason to use it. We will stop providing this access starting the 14 August 2023 but we will keep it for previously created bot until the 1st September 2023.