Use your own OpenAI API key

Feature available in Pro plan and higher.

Now you have the ability to use your own API Key for each chatbot you create.  To do so it is very simple just go to your chatbot setting tab then Chat-GPT option. Here you can add your OpenAi API key and hit save. Now each message you send will use your own API key and you will not be count a message in your ChatNode message credits

Ressource to access your OpenAI API key :


  • To be sure your openAI key works after saving it, write a message to chatbot and if you get a normal reply then you are good. If your API key doesn’t work the chatbot will write back an error message saying that your api key is either expired or incorrect.
  • Be aware that chatnode openAI key has access to better rate limit from openAI than any new openai key. So if you expect a lot of traffic on your openAI key, please know that you might get rejected or slower than using Chatnode default key.