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Create next generation chatbots, that know everything about your business.

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Feed your chatbot

Add all of your knowledge base, in minutes.

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Online document

Use our powerful URL scrapper to train the bot on any URLs, including Websites / Google Docs / Notion / Online PDFs / & more.

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Offline Documents

Upload any documents to enrich your training (.text, PDF, Docx, &more)

Train the chatbot on multiple data sources
Embed powerful chatbot anywhere you need it

Embed anywhere

On a secured part of your website, a pop-up chat or on SLACK

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Talk directly to the bot or Integrate in a channel and tag it for instant AI answers.

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Integrate a bot on the workflow of a secured page of your website

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This is like the old chatbot pop-up, but that actually works (finally!)

Packed with cutting-edge features

All you need to make your own powerful chatbot

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Live agent

Hand off the chat to a live

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Match your brand

Complete customisation of the bots to match your brand

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Multiple data sources

Train the bot on all type of sources.

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Test & modify fast

Our playground is fast and user friendly. Test & deploy at blazing fast speed

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Custom prompts

You have full control on the AI prompt, so the bot react exactly as you wish. Or choose from our presets.

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Want to connect Chatnode to your favorite app? Use our API!

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SLACK integration

Talk directly to the bot or integrate it in the channels of your choice

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95 languages

The bot answer in the langage of the question. You whole team will enjoy that!

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GDPR compliant

Your privacy is our priority. We never share your data located on our servers in Western EU

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