We’re on a mission to unlock customer support

We handle repetitive queries and free up your team
to focus on complex interactions

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The story behind us

Our funding team started 2 ecommerce and one software companies. Entrepreneurship is tough, and our role as directors is to save time and make profit.
If there is one repeating headeck along these years, it's customer support. This had to stop, with Chatnode, we embarked on a mission to remove this hassle and make it a beautiful part of a business journey.

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Our Story - Dark X Webflow Template

The mission behind all our work

A customer support team shouldn't be doing a repetitive job. If it does, it has to be replaced by a robot.
Time has shifted and technology has grown.
We want every customer support team to finally do what they should be doing, solve complexe problems from their customers while the AI is doing the boring job.

The values that drive
everything we do

Democratize the influence and value that AI can bring to the world, in a safe way.

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We aim at using every bit of new technology and transform it in a beautiful user experience

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We believe that AI technology should be accessible to everyone, not just a select few.

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Our goal is to democratize the influence and value of AI, making it a tool that can benefit the wider world

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We aim to empower people by providing AI tools that can enhance and improve their operations, knowledge, and efficiency.

Founding team

Made in Lisbon, Portugal 🌏

Our partners

We can't achieve our mission alone

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